Table of Contents

Layla – One World Warrior
Part A
2048 – There we have it! A global political unity knitted by the divine but vanished Layla. Wheeler-dealer Mark McGuire will auction a mysterious recording of Layla’s life.
Why does the small Baha’i religion want to play high stakes games with the Master McGuire?
1 Laaaaaayyyylaa 11 Ahem
2 Privilege In Parts 12 The Big Stack Folds
3 En Route To Horsham 13 The Universal House Of Justice
4 Powerful First Impression 14 Agenda
5 One On One 15 Erfanian Rides Shotgun
6 I’m Layla And I’m A Baha’i 16 Covenant Breakers I
7 Do The Tram, Do The Tram 17 Covenant Breakers II
8 Trust Me Commodity 18 CBs III – Devils, Dissidents And Drama
9 Listen Up 19 Consultation
10 Ch-Ching
Part B
1999 – Meet 14 year old Layla in rural Victoria as her supernatural expression becomes public. Some life, some love, some pain and some sport in Horsham.
20 Milkshake 32 Tide’s Out – Jet Plane Leaving
21 A Wimmera, A Wimmera 33 Running Dead
22 Parents With Pedigree 34 Capricious, Moi?
23 Glen Iris 35 Let The Trusting Trust
24 PftD 36 A Gift Horse In The Scheme Of Things
25 Pat-A-Cake 37 Heat
26 Fantasy Footy 38 Rogan Josh, Nice
27 Buckley’s 39 Bay Mare Rearing
28 Zippity Doo Da 40 Breathe Out
29 The Gift 41 Royal Falcon
30 Put On Muscle 42 Aftermath
31 Left Foot, Right Foot, Leg Ends
Part C
2048 – The Layla repository is behaving strangely. Can it talk to the key players through past scenes of world unification?
43 Making A Standpoint 55 Counter
44 Really 56 Beacon Me
45 Two Tits For A Tat 57 Friend Of The Faith
46 House And Pain 58 We’re World Fed
47 Fighting Talk 59 Don’t Like That? Like This?
48 The Apostinal Illusion 60 Team Meat
49 Conceive 61 God Knows, Brown Nose
50 Say Aah 62 Death Of A Salesman
51 Doing the Beshkan 63 Horse Sham
52 The Rainbow Chair 64 Joel, Troubled Organism
53 Eves 65 Priorities
54 A Basement
Part D
2050 – What happened?  What exactly is she?  If there is a problem, can someone like Layla resolve it?
2010->2045 – The astonishing impact of Layla on our psyches.
A Callo Cometh
B Bogged Down
C A Wog In Togs
D Tightened Bow
E Solid Old World Lampposts
F Hi Adam
G Incivility Got Under My Skin
H Herstory Is Mystery
I Balk, Balk, Baaawlk
J Striped, Stray City Cats
K Batman Anyone?
L I Deserve Tiba’s
M Bumpy Country
N Drawing a Line
P Large Moon Darknesses
Q Yarra Bank Talk
R Parts Per Million
S New Equilibrium – Ta Daa!
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