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November 16, 2007

It Works!

True to previous religious form, from the get-go there were major contests for the hearts and minds of the Bábi and Baha’i faithful. Today there is one solid branch of the Baha’i Faith with six to eight million adherents and a fine World Centre on Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel. In contrast, there are just a few twigs dotted around the world under alternative Baha’i and Bábi banners. These are the desiccated remnants of lost contests. This is just as imagined in Baha’i scripture! The focus on unity in the lesser covenant must work! As with all sacrifices, it has not been without cost. Read the rest of this entry ?



November 5, 2007

As soon as he completed his conversation with Mark McGuire, Behzad Rezvani called a Mr Erfanian in Haifa to recount the details.


[Behzad Rezvani]:

“Allah’u’abhá, Mr Erfanian. I have just spoken to McGuire and propositioned him as requested. I feel I pushed and pressed him with all the power I could muster. In the final analysis; he wants to know who is he is dealing with; he wants a written confirmation of the proposals and the intention of use; he may initiate some due diligence on ability to pay. And he wants the details by 6pm Eastern Time today.” Read the rest of this entry ?


11. AHEM

October 29, 2007

[Tony, PA]:

“Mark, there’s an incoming for you. To do with the repository.”


[Mark McGuire]:

“Not interested Tony, I thought I’d made that clear. I’m busy for the rest of the day. Take the details and process them, like I said.”


[Tony, PA]:

“Sure will Mark. Only thing is, this guy offered two hundred thousand dollars to talk to you now for five minutes.” Read the rest of this entry ?



October 29, 2007

Mark McGuire hadn’t reached his chief executive’s office before the inundation began. He’d set his communicator to record messages. He could already see there was a build up of seventeen items. “That’ll be the big boys” Mark thought. Of course they were. These were the majors that he had given his personal ID to on numerous occasions with only the remotest hope of a call back. He would prostrate himself before someone’s assistant and end the conversation bowing and backing out with much recognition of their higher status in the transaction. It was usually such a struggle to gain direct access to decision makers! Don’t you love Layla? Read the rest of this entry ?



October 22, 2007

You made the right decision coming to me Mike. Mark McGuire is the best damn negotiator on the planet. I’ve done ‘em all. The politicians, the mistresses, the sports guys, the disaster survivors. I sold Tommy Weyara’s animal affair story for 10 million dollars. That put Tommy back on the road to recovering his life. But you know all that. Else you wouldn’t be here asking me to help you. Read the rest of this entry ?