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November 5, 2007

As soon as he completed his conversation with Mark McGuire, Behzad Rezvani called a Mr Erfanian in Haifa to recount the details.


[Behzad Rezvani]:

“Allah’u’abhá, Mr Erfanian. I have just spoken to McGuire and propositioned him as requested. I feel I pushed and pressed him with all the power I could muster. In the final analysis; he wants to know who is he is dealing with; he wants a written confirmation of the proposals and the intention of use; he may initiate some due diligence on ability to pay. And he wants the details by 6pm Eastern Time today.” Read the rest of this entry ?



November 2, 2007

On a trip to Israel you might decide to cross Haifa Bay by boat, not on foot because how could you? And then you may wish to walk towards the beautiful Ben Gurion Boulevard. From there, you’d see straight up the slopes of the famous Mount Carmel.


Dominating and dug into that mountain, if a wee bit lopsided, is the Baha’i World Centre with its fabulous terraced gardens and imposing Greek-styled buildings. This is the headquarters of the Baha’i Faith. Read the rest of this entry ?