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37. HEAT

January 30, 2008

Everything was set up for an extraordinary 1999 Australia Post Stawell Gift. At noon, nearly two hundred entrants and a bumping crowd of over thirty thousand spectators were at or near Central Park stadium. There really was an air of unreality surrounding the favouritism of young Layla Parkin in the face of so many leading international and Australian athletes. Amusingly, one larrikin managed to get hold of the public address system and dodododood the Twilight Zone theme tune. It struck a chord with many. What on earth was going on? Well, something was up. The crowd could tell. Hey, even the bookies were edgy; worried they didn’t have access to an important piece of the puzzle. Ravenous and salivating, the throng awaited their entrée. Delicious excitement. The heats had just begun and Layla was up next.

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