January 19, 2008

Hello, bright, white and radiant being, hello. This is getting worse and worse. People are dying around me. Can’t we just stop for a moment? Please, I need help.


I am here. Good to meet you again.


Oh thank you, thank you. Okay, what should I do?


Do something.




Do something. Inertia isn’t for you. Whatever you do changes people’s understanding of their world. Your instinct will be to ride that change and guide it towards your goal. And your goal is the reason for your being where you are.


No, please. I feel guilty. I am showing off. I am cheating. A man has suffered for my swagger. On the internet and in the news there are pictures of my vanity and his demise. It is humiliating. My parents are sideways saddened and will probably gather the courage to talk to me soon. I pity poor Graham and Afsaneh. What do you think? About the race, my feelings?


You are growing up and your actions will affect an increasing number of people, many far outside your immediate area of control. You are not like other people. You have a global goal to achieve and you have been chosen because of your qualities.

You have a great deal of freedom in the methods you choose to achieve your goal. You can do what you want, more or less. If you crush a thousand people you may grieve humanity together and if you tell a thousand of your tender love you may unite the world in passion. Choices on the ground are yours.

Since forever you have existed to unite humanity. None has that same capacity. None can tell you what is best. Understand that. I can offer opinions and fill in some gaps but you have to decide on your own actions.

Since forever you have been insatiably outrageous. Some degree of that will have carried through to your present situation. Yes, always been a drama queen, always desperate to be seen. You are more extreme than most. We find it endearing, mostly. Maybe, that trait will help you to succeed.

I understand your feelings. You feel some degree of responsibility for the man’s death and you do not want people to think badly of you. You must reflect on it, but I will tell you that you are not responsible for the man’s death and that some people will always think badly of you. Do something, you’ll feel better.

You are both a young girl and part of our higher divine energy. You have that divine power but it’s in a young girl context. I always tell you that I am here to tear you away from over-indulging in the heuristics and patterns of the people. Though helpful to humanity they are limiting to you. Good for the status quo but a ‘no’ when you need to create a huge paradigm shift. It is quite possible that your large-living anomalies will help humanity make that shift. It may be ironic, that you who are made of the strongest unity energy may cause a one-world outlook via actions that split people into numerous opposing factions.

And similarly I need to save you from the ethics and morals of the people. Humanity has always struggled to determine the greatest good, but they mainly spin their wheels. Sometimes the greatest bad becomes the best logical candidate for action. This is because so much information is beyond their reach. It is instinctual for you though. Your instincts will beat the best efforts of the best minds in the vast majority of cases and, importantly, your divine gifts can implement unilaterally. Trust your instincts. And if you have time to think and plan, please do, it will help in many cases.

Can I fail?


Absolutely. It is not certain you will achieve your goal. This may be to do with some problem with you or it may be for external reasons or a bit of both. No, the successful completion of the world unity project would be an achievement not inevitable. And it matters. People are precious. And yes, your performance will be evaluated, you are accountable. That means it is wise to listen to me.

Questions, questions, questions. Now that I feel I can have big consequences for people, I feel more uncertain. I don’t understand any of this. I should trust my instincts… well my instincts tell me I’m toying with people by running in this foot race when I am certain to win if I want. Surely good can’t come out of cheating?


That’s your human instinct. You will have to use your divine powers to achieve your goal. Any time you use them it is a very unfair advantage. You also have an instinct for awe.


Hmmm. Yes but the awe in this case is not of divine glory but for my athletic ability.


That’s possible. If you absorb the awe it may be narcissism, but if you reflect it to its proper place then it’s illuminating.


Hmmm, indeed. Mirrors, darkened, dazzling and broken. I’ve come across that. I think I am beginning to understand. I should do what I want to do. I should do what makes me happy. Most times that will give me an avenue to foster a love of humanity amongst the people. And… yes, I have to do something. When in doubt do something. I got it.


A question I have never asked before. Have I known you?


Thanks for asking… eventually. You are definitely growing up. I know you very well indeed. However, you have forgotten all that was before, for now. It is in the best interests of you and your goal. This is the way it is and must be. Know that we all love you tremendously darling.




I alone have been assigned to help you. We are many and, in this realm, exist.


Are you God?




Is there a God?


There is God.


Good. Baha’i? Is Bahá’u’lláh like me? Are there others like me?


There is a lot of Bahá’u’lláh in you. There might be others but I wouldn’t know about them.


Well, is his religion the right path, is there a right path?


Religion doesn’t apply to you in the same way as the people believe it applies to them. I can make no comment on the validity of a particular religion. However, I do have a soft spot for religion. I once started a religion. Did a good job too I think. I wasn’t quite as exciting as you though. Enough of that, your goal is not connected with religion.


You are part of that world for now and many souls around you get a religion. Religion is a lot of things. You, with your insight, can easily see how every person is groping in the dark. You can see nobody knows much. You can be a member of a religion if you want. You can study religion if you want. But you, you who do you own miracles, are not in need of a religion to follow. You have your goal and you have me to remind you as you need to be reminded. That supersedes any religious understanding.


Right. So I just have to have faith that my goal is good and in the interests of God and, hopefully, the people.


You have your instincts, your supernatural abilities and you converse with a white, radiant being. What more do you need? The pope doesn’t get that.


Very funny. Now, all the times I’ve conversed with you… you have been a great comfort to me. I never thought to ask… now I’m more conscious of this world and why I’m in it … I feel the need to know. Please, tell me your name. And call me by my name. Do I have a name?


Not really, but you have an energy. I, for example, am told I am predisposed towards compassion. You, you have that slather of unity.


Righto. Then let me decide on this for our tête-à-têtes. Call me Layla. And I will call you … Pippy.


Alright then … Layla. That is acceptable.


Good. Pippy, do you come in other colours?


I prefer white.


Black would be easier to keep clean.


That’s my girl. I miss your humour. Pippy… is here for you my darling. Now remember, do something. You’ll feel better.

Alright, I think I can cope better now. You have been so wonderful. Thanks Pippy, and farewell for now.


I love to race. I want to race, I know I do. Bring on The Gift. And then world unity if there’s time.


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