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December 21, 2007

After the burial, more food and drink was provided, people finalized their mingling and went home.


Back at the Jackson’s, Sholeh suggested to Layla that she should come along to the David Hofman lecture at Melbourne Uni in the city that night. Everyone was going. It would be a great Baha’i night out in memory of Tahirih. And her cousin would drive them. And as her parents were staying the night why not?



“Aaahhhh , you are scouting for suitors Sholes and you want reinforcement. I’m feeling a little down to go out tonight. It’s too soon.” Read the rest of this entry ?



December 8, 2007

Later that evening, packed and powdered, the five Parkins solemnly set off down an ethereal and restraining Western Highway. At 7PM it was still very, very hot. The air conditioning was blowing as strongly as it could and was a cold, monotone distraction for the pondering passengers. Read the rest of this entry ?



December 3, 2007

Layla reached her house in Searle Street and opened the door saying

“Hello, I’m back, anyone home?”


Up stairs and from behind another door, her mother, Afsaneh says

“Hello Layla baba, how are you? How did your talk go today?”



“It vent vell mom. The priests and nuns can’t believe how they’ve being missing out. They are very interested and the bishop is thinking of declaring next week after confirmations.” Read the rest of this entry ?



November 6, 2007

[Mr Erfanian]:

“This story, my father told me on his death bed.


In 1984 Afsaneh Javad was on her Youth Year of Service at the World Centre. On one very warm and enticing May night, she had decided to pray alone in the Shrine of the Báb until very late, maybe 2am. As she walked on the bushy path towards the Pilgrim House she was accosted by a man who sexually assaulted her. Read the rest of this entry ?



November 5, 2007

As soon as he completed his conversation with Mark McGuire, Behzad Rezvani called a Mr Erfanian in Haifa to recount the details.


[Behzad Rezvani]:

“Allah’u’abhá, Mr Erfanian. I have just spoken to McGuire and propositioned him as requested. I feel I pushed and pressed him with all the power I could muster. In the final analysis; he wants to know who is he is dealing with; he wants a written confirmation of the proposals and the intention of use; he may initiate some due diligence on ability to pay. And he wants the details by 6pm Eastern Time today.” Read the rest of this entry ?