October 22, 2007

You made the right decision coming to me Mike. Mark McGuire is the best damn negotiator on the planet. I’ve done ‘em all. The politicians, the mistresses, the sports guys, the disaster survivors. I sold Tommy Weyara’s animal affair story for 10 million dollars. That put Tommy back on the road to recovering his life. But you know all that. Else you wouldn’t be here asking me to help you.


[Mike, the machine technician]:
“Yes, I’ve seen you in action. What can I make? What’ll it cost me?”


[Mark McGuire]:
“Let’s put it this way. My commission is 15%. At the end of this I’ll be the second richest person on the planet. Do you understand what I’m saying?”




[Mark McGuire]:
That’s exactly right. Now, sign this and let me take you on the journey of how we’re going to do all this.


First, do NOT tell me anymore about how you came to be in possession.
Second, I want one copy for my safe keeping.
Third, pick me a teaser.
Fourth, here’s a card for the best investment advisor in the world, I’ll tell her you’ll be calling.
Fifth, do NOT talk to anyone or anything. In fact, here, take this 10,000 dollars. Buy a new communicator. Go on holiday. Don’t tell me where. Get me the copy and the teaser first.”


“Of course, of course. Well, who do you think? Who will you try selling to first?”


McGuire laughs.


[Mark McGuire]:
“I won’t be trying to sell to anyone. Yep, that’s why you need me!”



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