November 5, 2007

As soon as he completed his conversation with Mark McGuire, Behzad Rezvani called a Mr Erfanian in Haifa to recount the details.


[Behzad Rezvani]:

“Allah’u’abhá, Mr Erfanian. I have just spoken to McGuire and propositioned him as requested. I feel I pushed and pressed him with all the power I could muster. In the final analysis; he wants to know who is he is dealing with; he wants a written confirmation of the proposals and the intention of use; he may initiate some due diligence on ability to pay. And he wants the details by 6pm Eastern Time today.”


Rezvani’s manner was unenthusiastic and he ended his report by expressing his reservation that any benefit would come from negotiations with someone like Mark McGuire. In his view McGuire was not the type of person the Universal House of Justice should taint its pristine presence with.


[Mr Erfanian]:

“6pm Eastern Time. How long is that Behzad jahn?”


[Behzad Rezvani]:

“It’s in three hours Mr Erfanian, 1am your time.”


[Mr Erfanian]:

“Behzad, that is very soon. There is no time for delay. I have already called an emergency meeting of the House. A number of the members are currently endeavouring to return from holidays and overseas commitments. I think those golfing and sailing in Israel and nearby will be able to make it in the timeframe but there is concern over some others. Can’t be helped, we have to consult and decide on this matter. It is inconceivable that we wouldn’t. I’m sure we will have at least five, we will have a quorum. It is a very, very important meeting and I need you to do one final thing for me and do it right away so I can have it available for the members. Write down and communicate me what Mr McGuire has requested. I suggest you tackle it like so: ready? Good.


On the request of Mr Erfanian I engaged Mr McGuire of McGuire Management Corporation in connection with his Layla repository. Following a very interesting and informative meeting we concluded we had much common ground and Mr McGuire felt there was every chance that several of the propositions discussed could be successful. However, time is of the essence and the following needs to occur prior to 6pm Eastern Time for further discussions to be meaningful:


Communicate an official authorized document direct to McGuire Management Corporation that contains the organization name, contact details and credit checking details. The intention of use should be described as ‘providing sole distribution of Layla repository for on-selling and/or providing a value-added pre-publication service to downstream distribution partners for the purposes of enhancing the quality and credibility of the deliverable to the end customer’. The following specific proposals with initial minimum bid values should be included

· Last bid option – one billion dollars

· Pre-publication service rights – no specific figure mentioned but would need a bid of between forty and fifty billion dollars

· Retainer fee of two billion per annum for twenty years should last bid option be exercised or pre-publication service rights be secured.


That should do it. Short and sweet. We thank you Behzad for your great service to the Cause. Send it to me for the attention of The Universal House of Justice.”


Rezvani immediately set about his task in the manner suggested and within minutes the communicate was with Mr Erfanian. Over the course of the next ninety minutes various members entered the large meeting room. As each approached their seat, Mr Erfanian welcomed them gravely and reverently and pointed to the new communicate that he had made available to them. ‘Very soon, very soon’ he would occasionally mutter whilst examining the time.


A new table had been recently installed in the meeting room. It was chock full of technology of course but notwithstanding, it was a truly magnificent piece of art furniture. Of Ebony construction, and in the shape of a nine-pointed star. The Arabic calligraphy of The Greatest Name engraved upon and extending out from the centre. It had a diameter of roughly three metres. There were two metre gaps between the nine seating points, each of which was nestled between two star points. Comfy. The star points, about half a metre in length, seemed to embrace or embed the seating occupant warmly like wings. They were practical as well as unusual and beautiful; you could put a cup of tea on both sides and they would never cause the table to look cluttered. You could do business at this table.


They were seven of nine when Mr Erfanian stood up and drew attention to himself.


[Mr Erfanian]:

“Allah’u’abhá to everyone. This is us for tonight, the remaining two are half a day away. I am very grateful for the efforts of everyone to get here for this emergency meeting. I recognize I have only given the briefest of information to you. I have not called it lightly. I have alluded to the fact that it concerns the new information released earlier today regarding what is being called the Layla repository. By now, I am sure all of you have seen the press conference. My friends, we need to get the Layla repository. I didn’t personally see the press conference live but about 3.30pm I got a call from Afsaneh Parkin in Australia. She is Layla’s mother. We keep in contact quite regularly. We have relatives in common in Kashan but there are also other reasons. She was distraught. ‘From conception, conception’ she said to me. I needed no other prompting. I figured out a plan of action and contacted Bezhad Rezvani in Chicago. I asked him to check out the lie of the land with Mark McGuire, the man who gave the press conference and who is arranging deals for the repository. You see in front of you a communicate from Bezhad subsequent to his meeting.

I have to tell you a story.”


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