September 29, 2007

Hello there! Great you could make it. I’m very, very happy to see you.


Please, please, come and sit down. Yes, right here beside me. Make yourself comfortable. It starts in a minute.


Right now, stop thinking, stop everything. This is going to be the most amazing and incredible experience you are ever likely to have. Believe me it will exceed anything you can possibly imagine. Yes.


Let’s see. There are so many people in this lecture theatre. And it’s so noisy. Let’s see, let’s see. That’s her there! Third chair on the right. Two up, middle section.


Oh you are funny. I agree though. She does have a very nice middle section. Apparently, it’s the fashion for teenagers at this time to show a bit of tummy. But steady on for a minute, and listen carefully.


That’s Layla. Layla, the One World Warrior.


Yes way. Yes way indeed. Big time.


Here’s the picture. This is the Copland lecture theatre at Melbourne University 1999. The man coming to the podium is David Hofman. He is a former member of the Bahai Universal House of Justice. He’s giving a life and times talk.


And yes, right there in the audience is Layla. Layla, the world’s first divine super heroine.


“Friends, we weren’t in the least bit concerned about the Covenant Breakers. What could they do against us? We had come through a lot. I should say the Hands had come through a lot. But despite the difficult times following the passing of the Beloved Guardian, the confirmations of Bahá’u’lláh had showered upon us and we looked ahead with increasing confidence towards fulfilling our small part in the unfolding of the World Order of Bahá’u’lláh.”


I’ll tell you where I got it. I was scrapping a machine the other day, did the standard pre-scrap checks and came across this beauty. There’s reams of it. Could be her whole life. I’ve done some random plays and I’m astounded by it all.


What’s that mate? Showers? Yeah, could have done mate, could have done, but that would be telling. Actually no. This isn’t that kind of vision. At least not from what I’ve seen.


Never mind all that. I’ll tell you what the real question is. Who recorded it? How’s it possible? No, no clues. The batch of machines I was working on was just donations. No names, no places. And nothing else on the machine either.


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