July 14, 2008

Special Response Unit team leader Dillon yelled out “GEORGE”.

An excited, elderly man turned around, tongue out, and panted at Dillon inquisitively. The team leader pointed to his left arm which he then launched up like a rocket.

“George”, distracted, followed the shiny limb. Dillon stepped forward and, putting his shoulder into it, walloped the old man in the stomach. George, too brittle to fold around Dillon’s fist, crumbled to the ground with a harrowing whine. His insides reverberating as they soaked up shock waves of pain.

Brian Pain rushed forward but was repelled by an advancing wall of fully armed Special Response Unit officers.

The nineteen, this band of religious vigilantes, had been making a nuisance of themselves. They were a motley mob. Each one dressed as a war vet from conflicts widely dispersed through time and turf. They had commandeered a large hall inside the OWS and were enthralled in prayer, warm-up exercises and the practicing of various combat techniques.

Dillon and his team had arrived at OWS earlier this evening to find a maelstrom. A flummoxed OWS bureaucrat had immediately sought Dillon out.

“Please do something. They are crazy. We persuaded them to give up their weapons but they are disturbing the whole building with their samurai antics. Oh God the chanting, their chanting is unsettling us.”

[Dillon, peering at the menagerie with some amusement]:
“That man there! He must be seventy.”

[Bureaucrat, grimacing]:
“That’s George. He’s strange. He assailed us with religious claptrap for half an hour before asking us to join him aboard a crimson arc. Seriously, we had to say we’d think about it to get rid of him. Can you sort these guys out?

So Dillon had made a good fist of breaking the pattern.

[Brian Pain, indignant and pushing the officers back]:
“How dare you? We are Baha’is. We are here to bust this Layla case. You don’t want to get on our wrong side.”

“He’ll be fine. My name is Dillon and I lead the Special Response Unit. Let me assure you Mr Pain that if there’s any busting to occur it will be done by my Special Response team.”

[Brian Pain, angrily]:
“I have agreed with the OWS that my involvement in taking McGuire’s fortress is dependent on my boys being part of the first push.”

“So, I heard. Listen, OWS has requisitioned my team to secure McGuire and his offices in order to allow a detailed forensic search. Implementation tactics are down to me. That said, the plan I have drawn up makes considerable use of your unique skills, Mr Pain, and those of your cohorts. My team will have weapons, you won’t. I expect you all to get back into some respectable clothes and settle down or you won’t participate. If anyone chooses to defy us on-site you will considered a risk to successful completion and will be taken down.”

Dillon had a plan? Making effective use of human resources? Required unswerving loyalty? Scooby Scooby doo! The rag tags perked up and aligned themselves neatly around team leader Dillon. George, too, had his ear to the ground.

[Brian Pain, staunchly, stoically]:
“You can count on us to provide the support you need.”

“Right, here we go. I’ve told you the overall objective but it’s a little more complicated than merely securing his offices. We need to ensure that we get to all Layla repository resources before they can be offloaded or Stream shredded and we want our success to be very public.

We will be simultaneously raiding McGuire’s private residence and his commercial premises. We want McGuire to be at work because a) we need to know where he is and b) his anguish will make for the striking Stream feed that OWS craves so much.

You six guys will follow the Special Response Unit into McGuire’s house in Southampton. You twelve will follow us into 53rd at Third. Your job will be to identify any physical or Stream references to the Baha’i Faith. Our experts don’t have the background to recognize them.

Mr Pain, you have the key role in my plan. Now, whilst there is lot of security, our problem isn’t getting past – as the OWS may have lead you to believe. No, our problem is getting past without triggering actions that might result in the copying or destruction of repository assets – either in the building or anywhere else in the world. In order to achieve this we need to gain control over not just the building but also key personnel and all Stream communicates.

Mr Pain, we have been liaising closely with your boss at QBP, Andrew Cimpton. Together we have come up with a list of key people. Mr Cimpton has arranged a meeting at MMC with all these people at 3pm tomorrow. You are invited, as is McGuire.

This is what you need to do Brian. First, place this small instrument in your work area out of view. It’s part of a Communicate Shield pair. When not activated it won’t attract the attention of security devices. It’s other half will be positioned above the building in a hovering copter. When it is activated a dome shield will be created that will prevent any Stream communicates in or out.

Go to the meeting. As near as possible to 3.10, use this remote to activate the shield and then secure the room. I suggest you do this by blocking the exit and using your physical presence as a deterrent to any thought of disobedience. I doubt anyone will try anything but, if necessary, use the minimum force possible to ensure compliance.

Our vanguard will be in the foyer of the building in civilian clothes. I will be informed of the shield activation and will immediately request them to quietly take control of the elevators. The full team will flood in, gain entrance to McGuire’s floor and secure it. This should take about three minutes. Then we’ll take charge of your detainees.”


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