June 10, 2008

“Heartfelt thanks. Mr Erfanian and I wish to extend to you, at the request of the House, our heartfelt thanks.”

Mr Enayati stood marginally in front of Mr Erfanian, both in humble stoops. Enayati continued.

“On a purely personal note, I am unable, and if able I would be unwilling, to recount the immense distress that the House suffered in viewing these disgraceful images. Yet here we stand overjoyed that you have provided them.

Without your expert assessment of tampering and corruption, the House would have been significantly more sorely tried. Take respite, dear Brian, take respite. Far from this being a fatal blow to the Cause it signals that darkest oppression just before the dawning of the Most Great Peace. This is, indeed, the opposition prophesied. And we know that we will overcome it and, having overcome it, the New World Order of Baha’u’llah will shine through the Earth’s crust.

We absolutely concur with you that this is the handiwork of the Enemies of the Faith in a massive conspiracy alongside well-resourced and unsavoury elements. It is a fantastical and diabolical technical revision of history; full of half-truths, yes a triumph of technology over truth. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that a consortium of this magnitude had a finger in the disappearance of Layla Parkin, maybe forcing her to assist in their false re-enactments.

Few of the former governments are left untainted. Even the brave budding unities represented by such as the European Union are depicted as depraved self-serving bureaucracies. And we find it unsurprising that the guardians of today’s secular and spiritual unity, the World Federation and the Baha’i Faith, have been particularly singled out in having this maladroit and erroneous attention lavished upon them.

We have already shared the contents with many of the maligned. Together with them, we are formulating a public response to be presented in the next few days. I would say to you, Brian, and to you, James, in confidence, and without wishing to prejudice this response in any way, that the House will firmly, resolutely and without fear announce that the battle for the Most Great Peace is upon us.

The House will point to the corrupt crisis that this reviled repository has brought about. A crisis that has infiltrated the very structure of the House itself. But the House, divinely guided and under the protection of Baha’u’llah, has eradicated this disease and gained victory over it. With this notch on its belt the House will exhort, to a fuller measure than ever before, the Baha’i Faithful to arise and bring about the Most Great Peace, a situation that not even the mesmerizing Layla Parkin had the capacity to achieve.

Our achievement will go well beyond political unity. We will usher in a world united in its desire to worship its Creator in the manner He has decreed. Crime, drugs, corruption… disunity will be vanquished.

Again, on behalf of Mr Erfanian and myself, thank you Brian. We’re just two, but the untold billions who will bask in the heaven of the future world order will reflect on the part played by Brian Pain – Cuddus – with a reverence that has hitherto been reserved for God’s prophets.

Brian, I hope you will forgive me, but I authorized ABM Jones to divulge your beneficial position to our august associates in the World Federation – the Office of World Security – and to assure them of your complete cooperation.

Finally, for the consumption of any unbiased observer, I draw attention to the significance of the location wherein this great battle for good over evil must needs be fought. New York. The City of the Covenant. And I say this with more than a little pride and satisfaction. As ABM Jones knows, New York is my old stomping ground. An eon ago I served in the very role he currently occupies, albeit without such unsurpassable distinction.

The very best from Mr Erfanian and myself. May the Concourse on High surround you and protect you for the trials ahead.”

ABM Jones turned off the Stream screen and turned to Brian Pain.

“I have already talked with a senior officer at the OWS. Suffice to say they were elated to hear of you and, indeed, your martial skills. They want to talk… right away. They have been monitoring McGuire ever since he announced the existence of the repository.

I’m willing to relay to you what Mr Enayati couldn’t. Joel Underwood is no longer a House member; he has been removed because of actions injurious to the Cause. And it doesn’t stop there; the OWS officer says they have intercepted a call from McGuire to Underwood after his removal. Underwood provided confidential House information to McGuire. They have arranged to meet. He is part of it Brian… Underwood is part of this scheme… he must be…

The OWS want to move as quickly as possible. They are preparing to simultaneously freeze McGuire’s assets and raid his offices. They want to do it with him there and unaware. McGuire’s security is substantial. It has proven immensely difficult to get arms past. They need people on the inside to provide an environment in which they and their protective armaments can gain uncontested entrance. Your MMA training may well provide the opportunity they are looking for. Shall I communicate them?”

[Brian Pain, thumping his chest]:
“Hell yeah.

But James, I want to square something off with you. There would be violence involved… extreme violence. Wouldn’t this be classified as…”

[ABM Jones]:
“No. No Brian. This isn’t a holy war here. This is what needs to be done to defend the Faith and indeed the world from evil. Remember what Baha’u’allah said… what can be more grievous than veiling people from their God. That’s what these repository rebels are doing… attempting to destroy the Faith and the first germ of world unity. No, this defense is mandatory. Go do your thing Brian. Unfurl the green flag on their asses.”

Brian Pain talked with the senior officer at the OWS. Brian had terms of his own. He’d do it… if his boys were part of the first push. Afterwards he communicated the most trusted Beadies in Omaha, Tacoma and Tucson. Time to take the fight from the Stream to the streets of New York.


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