October 29, 2007

Mark McGuire hadn’t reached his chief executive’s office before the inundation began. He’d set his communicator to record messages. He could already see there was a build up of seventeen items. “That’ll be the big boys” Mark thought. Of course they were. These were the majors that he had given his personal ID to on numerous occasions with only the remotest hope of a call back. He would prostrate himself before someone’s assistant and end the conversation bowing and backing out with much recognition of their higher status in the transaction. It was usually such a struggle to gain direct access to decision makers! Don’t you love Layla?


When he did reach his office his PA informed him that upwards of three thousand requests for information had already been received from various organizations.



“That’s great Tony, great. First thing is this; I want you to start a prioritizing process. I want you to put them in order so we talk to the most valuable first. Get twenty people from Finance to do the leg work. Start a database. Open a file for each request for information. Talk to each organization; confirm their name, contact details, company financials and what their interest in the Layla repository is.”


Mark McGuire closed his office door, sat down and had breakfast. He let many media streams sweep over him. He owned the media today. They were full of continuous playbacks of his conference and analysis of his words. He wasn’t going to get involved in the nitty-gritty with these organizations, even the big ones, for a few days yet.


He’d have to think about market segmentation strategies but first he’d need to understand the breakdown of the organizations, what they were after and how much they’d pay. No hurry. The interest thermometer could rise and rise and blow before he’d need to start serious contract discussions.


He called up the business pipeline on his computer. “Time to put a dent in stock on hand.”


He got his business development team to call the top five hundred management opportunities and get them to transfer to McGuire Management Corporation. In everybody’s interest they should transfer today whilst it was still possible, the script went.


Around noon, he called back the big organizations. The ones that were now continuously leaving messages for him at his personal ID. Additionally, others occupying the top slots on his dynamically growing priority database.


“Kevin. Mark McGuire here. Yeah, got your message. It’s been a little busy here this morning so forgive me for my tardiness. Business good? Good, that’s good.


Oh man, I should be exhausted but this has been such an amazing and life-affirming experience. A real ride. I’m a big Layla fan so, yes, a humbling but transformative episode.


Now Kevin, you guys are my most important client so I’m calling you back to keep you close to me in this loop. Lots of things are happening here. You know, crazy time, details to pay attention to, lawyers, all the rest of it.


I’m desperately keen to make sure you guys are big in the mix on this one but it’s going to be early next week before I’m in a position to discuss this properly with you. Monday at 8? Hmmm, well that puts a lot of pressure on me but I’ll get Tony to do whatever it takes to make that happen. I’ll rearrange my schedule if need be. You can mark that in right now Kevin.


Now, how are we going on our other outstanding items? Are we still in the running for getting picked up on the ‘Intersection Closed’ comedy series? And is Varsha Malhotra going to get the lead in your new romantic comedy?


That’s fantastic news Kevin. If you send over the signed contracts this afternoon, I’ll be able to get all parties our end to sign before close of play tonight. I’ll have no chance to get to it for the rest of the week. Yeah, good idea Kevin but I think it would be preferable to have them done and dusted before we meet on Monday morning. Is that a goer? Great.


Oh by the way, we’ve got Marco Hitchens on board. Yeah, big, big signing. He’ll be out of contract with Deemers soon and will be in the market for a new compendium of original works. I’d love you to get a chance to bid for working with him and his group. Interested? Great. Best to get an offer on the table. If you can get your folks to propose an offer to Tom Larchy, my account manager, before Friday you’ll have a great chance.


Well let’s march on then, wonderful to chat and I’ll see you on Monday.”


And so on with the other ‘big ones’. Nice! Ch-ching. Ch-ching. Ch-ching.


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