Who is Layla?

Who is writing our future?

Just when we had thought God had finished intervening in our affairs and talking to us through His prophets – Layla appeared! Showing miraculous signs of God-like grandeur, she upsets the equilibrium of the centres of authority and moves humanity, forcibly at times, into a political unity, a federated World Government. Then she disappears.

Three years later, in 2048, a technician finds a mysterious digital recording of the life of Layla. Surely now we will get to see the truth about her supernatural abilities and which of her many enemies had a hand in her removal.

Prophecy is challenged by its very own unfoldment in the story of ethnically Iranian Layla Parkin. She is born, in controversial and shameful circumstances, in the bowels of the Baha’i religion’s heartland in Haifa, Israel amidst talk of the oneness of humanity.

We see Layla as a captivating young lady growing up in pleasant rural Victoria, Australia; predominantly in the beautiful Wimmera town of Horsham. Her outlook is heavily influenced by the global perspective and the mode of religious worship found in her Baha’i tradition. In multicultural and sports-mad Australia, she loves her running, footy and the attention of boys. She drifts away from the strongly structured Baha’i administrative and community organisation and at times they fall foul of each other.

After years of what some called flagrant abuse of her abilities, Layla takes stock of her purpose in life. She feels compelled by her belief in the beneficial and accountable nature of world integration to do what it takes to achieve a world government. So she pulls out all the stops, sometimes literally!

So does the Iranian chick get this unity to stick or does it come down like a ton of bricks? Sometimes it rhymes and sometimes it stymies.

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