October 25, 2007

8 am. Wednesday 21th October 2048.

McGuire Management Corporation’s conference hall, 53rd at Third, Manhatton.


Mark McGuire comes to the podium. In front of him several hundred media personal. On the walls and on the ceiling, several thousand media companies are linked in virtually. This broadcast will immediately reach eight billion people.


[Mark McGuire]:

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen. A fabulous New York morning welcome to you all. First, thank you all very much for coming at such short notice. Apologies for the slight delay. Last minute clarifications as always. Hopefully, we’ve been able to keep you all fed and watered. And…. Well let’s get into it.


Let me take a moment to acknowledge that this world is a very different and a much better place in 2048 than it was just thirty years ago. As a result of our global political unity the number of murderous conflicts has dropped to a tenth that of the early 21st century. Our actively promoted, and generously funded, Global Interdependence Initiative has resulted in major scientific and medical breakthroughs. Ladies and gentlemen, our kids, all of them, get better education, better nutrition and better mentoring than even the most privileged nations and families could earlier provide. We have so much to be grateful for. Thank God. Or thank goodness.


Of course, challenges remain and new challenges arise. There will always be challenges. I’m confident that we’ll meet them head on and collaboratively just as we have being doing so successfully. And success breeds success. By remembering what’s been done, and how, and with what fortitude and inspiration, well, we’ll have the right thinking and implementation tools to provide a better and better platform for humanity, for our humanity, to shine in the sun.


Let me briefly remind you of one of the remarkable episodes and certainly the most remarkable personality that got us to where we are today.”


McGuire signaled, the room darkened and a video clip started to play. It was from a very famous 2025 broadcast of Channel V’s ‘John Cole Consults’ current affairs program. The program had been filmed at the White House and included the host John Cole, President Colin Hohenstern and Layla.


Amazingly, this was the first time Layla had set foot in America. The American people, who had only witnessed Layla’s sensational feats second-hand through the media, carpeted Dulles airport a million deep which was quite a sight. John Cole had just introduced the President and Layla in suitably deferential terms.


[John Cole]:

“Mr President, concerning the proposed military escrow arrangement, is the US likely to agree to it, if so when and, if not, do you have alternative proposals?”


[President Hohenstern]:

“America supports, and is greatly encouraged by, the recent work done on national demilitarization within Europe, China and Asia. We feel that we are all moving in the right direction for greater peace, trust and cooperation.


We believe great caution and surety of step is now required. We love the concept of the military escrow, a smooth transition and accumulation of military personal and technology to a trusted third party who then cedes to the globally agreed institution.


What we say though, is that yes we love the concept, we are happy with the concept but now, as we think about implementation, we need to apply risk management to it. America has invested heavily in thinking about how we can make this work. The best solution is for the American military to be the ‘escrow’ institution. We have most of the military resources already so that cuts down the cost and risk of failure enormously – less transition and accumulation and little need for final handover. Additionally, we show a good record of not abusing our military strengths over the last century. John, we haven’t tried to take over the world despite being able to. It’s part of our national character to value freedom and democracy.”


[John Cole]:

“Layla, the US preference for being the provider of ‘global military services’ to a ‘yet to be elected’ global government has been a deal-breaker so far. Is it an insurmountable problem or do you think an agreement can be reached?”



It is essential that the military aspect of the global government reports directly to it. An outsourcing option is not possible. An important aspect of the escrow plan is to do with the unbundling of current internal national power structures and the rebundling of their resources into structures that consistently support a varied military capability within a single global authority. True, the same sort of checks and balances that are found within the American military are required at the global level. However, the decision concerning the funding of the military must rest globally and that’s impossible if America becomes a monopoly supplier. Indeed the invocation of client/supplier service provision terminology is not relevant here. Remember it is likely that the size and cost of the military will vastly decrease over time. That will positively impact on the whole population. If America is being paid to maintain and run the global military then it’s unlikely to want that payment to decrease and, if pushed, would have the military strength to back itself up in negotiations. No, that’s not what is wanted at all.


[President Hohenstern]:

“With the greatest respect Layla, America has by far the most experience of handling complex military operations. We can’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Equally, the risk to America posed by an immature organization holding the military button is far too high for any President to accept so…”



“You are not listening Colin.”


Layla abruptly jumped up from her seat stomping her right foot, clapping her hands and shouting ‘Now listen’ simultaneously.


Layla’s unexpected offensiveness caused mayhem among the secret service agents arranged off-camera. As the president lurched back as if shot, the ten agents had already scrambled as if off a starting block. Six got to and covered the president, two covered a panic-stricken John Cole, two aimed and fired at Layla in an attempt to ‘put her down’. She didn’t go down. she stood her ground, unimpressed. The covering agents were furiously looking around for movement, looking at the camera operators, at the other crew members, at Layla and, in absolute disbelief, at their two colleagues standing acquiescently near Layla.


As the ‘looking about’ frenzy ebbed, Layla walked very close to President Hohenstern and, through a heap of agents, quietly said “I look forward to meeting with you in Melbourne next week”. Then she walked out of the studio, not dead, not injured, not ruffled and not followed.


The president was attended to. He was blind and dumb but his hearing was fine. He insisted that no-one impede Layla’s leaving of America (in writing!). And, as history recorded, he made a full recovery on the flight home from Melbourne.


The video clip ended.


“Yes, you just can’t tire of that eh? Anyway, this brings me to why we’re here today. Three years ago, beautiful Layla, incomparable Layla, blessed Layla left. In what way and under what circumstances, no-one knows. Layla, who peeled the bitter skin from our planet to give us the sweet juice inside, is no longer available to give us further perfect encouragement. It’s been a period of grieving for most of us that is only now turning to acceptance. Yes, we all remember her and will never forget. Hers was a miraculous life well documented in articles, programs and interviews. Even with all that we want more. Ladies and gentlemen, we have more!


In ancient times, the divine knowledge and the actions of prophets were passed down through generations via oral tradition. More recently we have written accounts by the prophets themselves or their followers.


Today, just starting today, well just made public today, the life of Layla Parkin is documented on…. digital video.”


The media people were a little perplexed. What was McGuire ranting on about? McGuire let the perplexion simmer for a while.


“Yes, I mean what I say. The excerpt you have just seen did not come from any previously recorded public or private media materials. It couldn’t have! Let’s just play a bit of it again. And without the audio please guys. That’s it. Where do you think the camera is?


I’ll tell you where it seems to be. Two metres in front of the host, Layla and the President. And no, there’s no zoom. Here’s why. Look, our ‘camera’ has turned around and is recording the secret agents running past those Channel V cameras and now, the agents are running through our ‘camera’. Okay, stop it now guys and run the Channel V feed.


Okay, with the Channel V feed you can see it appears further back, but of course that could be manipulated, and… there go the agents past Channel V cameras and …. no other camera, nothing. Empty space. That’s right folk. Believe me. Go check your own archives.


Ladies and gentlemen, a McGuire Management Corporation client has received a digital recording of the life of Layla Parkin. The method of recording is definitely – Not Of Our World.


Our client is staggered and very humbled at being selected to be the recipient of this important testimony and believes it only right and proper that it be shared with the whole world as soon as possible. Right now McGuire Management Corporation is very privileged to be assisting our client with locating appropriate distribution partners. We are currently talking to a number of interested parties and we will release updates as negotiations conclude. This is a momentous day and this is the end of our announcement. Thank you, everyone, very much and I’ll take a small number of questions now. Yes, Keith?”


“Yes, Keith Woodfeld, CNN. Mr McGuire, who is your client and how did they come into possession of this footage?”


“Keith, my client wishes to remain anonymous and, quite correctly I believe, feels that attention is much more deservedly turned to this repository of Layla’s life than to themselves, the temporary trustee. I am unable to go into details about the circumstances of procurement. However, my client has confirmed that no laws were broken and all was very much above board.”


“Anna Griel, Reuters. Mr McGuire, you mentioned you are talking to distribution partners. Who are they and just how much money are we talking?”



“Yes, Anna – I am unable to discuss the details of our ongoing negotiations at this point. However, concerning money, believe me, that’s not relevant here. By far the biggest motive our client has in this matter is to ensure that everyone on this planet has an opportunity to gain access to this fantastic treasure. Our client has acted with tremendous foresight in appointing McGuire Management Corporation. Our terms of reference are to manage the process of gathering a team of distribution partners whose infrastructure capabilities synergize in order to gain access to every single person in the most effective way for that person.


Of course there is a cost to all of this that needs managing and MMC will, of course, pay careful attention to all matters fiscal. Our client though, as mentioned, has pure motives.

Indeed, our client has indicated that a generous slice of any monies received will be immediately directed to charities and good works as Layla would surely have wanted.”


“Ayesha Hassan, Al Jazeera. Mr McGuire does this recording show what happened to Layla Parkin and if she is still alive today?”


“Great question. I have talked about the need for distribution partners. What I haven’t yet put into context is the sheer enormity of the logistics associated with this exercise. It’s a large part of the reason that a mix of distribution partners with far reaching resources is necessary. First, Ayesha, let me say that the first question off my bat was the same as yours. The initial information given to me was that it probably does not show what happened. I say probably because we are not positive on that yet and our technical folks are still working on it. What we are sure about, and listen up folks, is that this starts at conception, yep conception, and goes for about sixty years. This isn’t a trailer. Or a series of seminal moments. This is an epic. We have about a hundred people scanning and cataloging right now and we haven’t touched the edges.


Okay everyone. That’s it for now. Again, thanks for coming. Enjoy your day.”

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