March 19, 2009

Soon after the formal announcement that we had lost contact with Layla, Naledi Jacob splashed this diatribe all over the Stream.

In Reply to the Complaining Cats
Re: Can’t something be done about that clanging racket?

Striped, stray city cats
Bask for a tan
In a rubbish canned alley

There’s a propped up sway in that alley-way
When lady lifts a lid
Discards and walks away

Yaaaawn, it’s invigorating
This damp tingling freshness
Hey, when it’s not –
You can put me on your guest list

The genes of him and Layla Simmons
Have nourished three generations of kittens

This is a dead and invalid issue

What was she on about? Who was she on about? Not us, we can tell you that. We’re quite smart; we figured she was livid and gave her some grieving space.

She was a close friend. This Participant seems to have moved into Laylap territory. Know what we mean? Is that what Layla would have wanted?


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